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Table 166 defines the NotificationData parameter used for Event notifications.

The EventNotificationList defines a table structure that is used to return Event fields to a Client Subscription. The structure is in the form of a table consisting of one or more Events, each containing an array of one or more fields. The selection and order of the fields returned for each Event is identical to the selected parameter of the EventFilter.

Table 166 – EventNotificationList

Name Type Description
EventNotificationList structure Event Notification data.
   events [] EventFieldList The list of Events being delivered. This structure is defined in-line with the following indented items.
      clientHandle IntegerId Client-supplied handle for the MonitoredItem. The IntegerId type is defined in 7.19.
      eventFields [] BaseDataType    List of selected Event fields. This shall be a one to one match with the fields selected in the EventFilter.7.22.3 specifies how the Server shall deal with error conditions.

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