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This is a subtype of the UInt32 DataType with the OptionSetValues Property defined. It is used to define the Attribute access restrictions of a Node. The AttributeWriteMask is formally defined in Table 43.

If a bit is set to 0, it means the Attribute is not writable. If a bit is set to 1, it means it is writable. If a Node does not support a specific Attribute, the corresponding bit has to be set to 0.

Table 43 – Bit mask for WriteMask and UserWriteMask

Field Bit Description
AccessLevel 0 Indicates if the AccessLevel Attribute is writable.
ArrayDimensions 1 Indicates if the ArrayDimensions Attribute is writable.
BrowseName 2 Indicates if the BrowseName Attribute is writable.
ContainsNoLoops 3 Indicates if the ContainsNoLoops Attribute is writable.
DataType 4 Indicates if the DataType Attribute is writable.
Description 5 Indicates if the Description Attribute is writable.
DisplayName 6 Indicates if the DisplayName Attribute is writable.
EventNotifier 7 Indicates if the EventNotifier Attribute is writable.
Executable 8 Indicates if the Executable Attribute is writable.
Historizing 9 Indicates if the Historizing Attribute is writable.
InverseName 10 Indicates if the InverseName Attribute is writable.
IsAbstract 11 Indicates if the IsAbstract Attribute is writable.
MinimumSamplingInterval 12 Indicates if the MinimumSamplingInterval Attribute is writable.
NodeClass 13 Indicates if the NodeClass Attribute is writable.
NodeId 14 Indicates if the NodeId Attribute is writable.
Symmetric 15 Indicates if the Symmetric Attribute is writable.
UserAccessLevel 16 Indicates if the UserAccessLevel Attribute is writable.
UserExecutable 17 Indicates if the UserExecutable Attribute is writable.
UserWriteMask 18 Indicates if the UserWriteMask Attribute is writable.
ValueRank 19 Indicates if the ValueRank Attribute is writable.
WriteMask 20 Indicates if the WriteMask Attribute is writable.
ValueForVariableType 21 Indicates if the Value Attribute is writable for a VariableType. It does not apply for Variables since this is handled by the AccessLevel and UserAccessLevel Attributes for the Variable. For Variables this bit shall be set to 0.
DataTypeDefinition 22 Indicates if the DataTypeDefinition Attribute is writable.
RolePermissions 23 Indicates if the RolePermissions Attribute is writable.
AccessRestrictions 24 Indicates if the AccessRestrictions Attribute is writable.
AccessLevelEx 25 Indicates if the AccessLevelEx Attribute is writable.
Reserved 26:31 Reserved for future use. Shall always be zero.

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