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Table 17 summarises all Attributes defined in this document and points out which NodeClasses use them either in an optional (O) or mandatory (M) way.

Table 17 – Overview of Attributes

Attribute Variable Variable Type Object Object Type Reference Type DataType Method View
AccessLevel M              
AccessLevelEx O              
AccessRestrictions O O O O O O O O
ArrayDimensions O O            
BrowseName M M M M M M M M
ContainsNoLoops               M
DataType M M            
DataTypeDefinition           O    
Description O O O O O O O O
DisplayName M M M M M M M M
EventNotifier     M         M
Executable             M  
Historizing M              
InverseName         O      
IsAbstract   M   M M M    
MinimumSamplingInterval O              
NodeClass M M M M M M M M
NodeId M M M M M M M M
RolePermissions O O O O O O O O
Symmetric         M      
UserAccessLevel M              
UserExecutable             M  
UserRolePermissions O O O O O O O O
UserWriteMask O O O O O O O O
Value M O            
ValueRank M M            
WriteMask O O O O O O O O

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