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This reference is a subtype of NonHierarchical References.

The semantic of this ReferenceType is to link AliasNameType instances to the Nodes they represent. The inverse reference is not required, i.e. the Nodes might not have a reference back to instance of AliasNameType.

The SourceNode of References of this type shall be an Object of type AliasNameType.

The TargetNode of this ReferenceType can be of any NodeClass.

Figure 2 provides an illustration of how this ReferenceType is used. It is defined in Table 8.

Table 8 – AliasFor Definition

Attributes Value    
BrowseName AliasFor    
InverseName HasAlias    
Symmetric False    
IsAbstract False    
References NodeClass BrowseName Comment
Subtype of NonHierarchicalReferences ReferenceType defined in OPC 10000-5      
AliasName Base      

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