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This Method is used to add a PubSubKeyPushTarget to a PubSubKeyPushTargetFolder.

The Client shall be authorized to modify the configuration for the SKS functionality and shall use at least a signed communication channel when invoking this Method on the Server.


AddPushTarget (
[in]	String		ApplicationUri,
[in]	String		EndpointUrl,
[in]	String		SecurityPolicyUri,
[in]	UserTokenPolicy	UserTokenType,
[in] 	UInt16		RequestedKeyCount,
[in]	Duration 		RetryInterval,
[out] NodeId		PushTargetId

Argument Description
ApplicationUri    ApplicationUri   of the Server that is the target of the key push.The ApplicationUri is used as name of the resulting PubSubKeyPushTarget object.
EndpointUrl URL of the Endpoint of the Server that is the target of the key push
SecurityPolicyUri security policy the SKS shall use to establish a secure connection to the PushTarget
TransportProfileUri user information to be used (if present) for establishing the secure communication. If not provided Amonymous will be used and authorization is accomplished with application identity
UserTokenType The user token type used for the push. The default is Anonymoous.
RequestedKeyCount The number of keys to push on each call
RetryInterval Interval the SKS shall use to retry pushing keys after an error appeared
PushTargeId The NodeId of the added PubSubKeyPushTarget Object.

Method Result Codes

ResultCode Description
Bad_NodeIdExists A PushTarget with the name already exists.
Bad_InvalidArgument One of the input arguments is invalid. The InputArgumentResult provides further details.
Bad_UserAccessDenied The Session user is not allowed to configure the object.
Bad_SecurityModeInsufficient The communication channel is not using signing.

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