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DataSetMetaData describes the content and semantics of a DataSet. The structure description includes overall DataSet attributes (e.g. name and version) and a set of fields with their name and data type. The order of the fields in the DataSetMetaData shall match the order of values in the published DataSetMessages.

The DataSetMetaDataType is defined in

Example description (simplified, in pseudo-language):

Name:		‚ÄúTemperature-Sensor Measurement‚ÄĚ
Fields:		[1] Name=DeviceName, Type=String
[2] Name=Temperature, Type=Float, Unit=Celsius, Range={1,100}

Subscribers use the DataSetMetaData for decoding the values of a DataSetMessage to a DataSet. Subscribers may use name and data type for further processing or display of the published data.

Each DataSetMessage also includes the version of the DataSetMetaData that it complies with. This allows Subscribers to verify if they have the corresponding DataSetMetaData. The related ConfigurationVersionDataType is defined in

DataSetMetaData may be specific to a single PublishedDataSet or identical for all PublishedDataSets that are configured based on a DataSetClass (see 5.2.2).

There are multiple options for Subscribers to get the initial DataSetMetaData:

  • The Subscriber is an OPC UA Client and is able to get the necessary configuration information from the PubSub configuration model (see provided by the Publisher or from a configuration server.
  • The Subscriber supports the OPC UA configuration Methods defined in the PubSub configuration model.
  • The Subscriber receives the DataSetMetaData as NetworkMessage from the Publisher. This may require an option for the Subscriber to request this NetworkMessage from the Publisher.
  • The Subscriber is configured with product-specific configuration means. There are multiple options to exchange the DataSetMetaData between Publisher and Subscriber if the configuration changes.

  • The DataSetMetaData is sent as a NetworkMessage from the Publisher to the Subscriber before DataSetMessages with changed content are sent. The used Message Oriented Middleware should ensure reliable delivery of the message. The mapping for the Message Oriented Middleware defines a way for the Subscriber to get the DataSetMetaData. The Subscriber goes to an error state if it has not received the new DataSetMetaData that matches the ConfigurationVersion of the received DataSetMessage.
  • The Subscriber is automatically updated via the OPC UA configuration Methods defined in the PubSub configuration model when the DataSet in the Publisher is updated.
  • The Subscriber is an OPC UA Client and is able to obtain the update from the Publisher or a configuration server via the information exposed by the PubSub configuration model.
  • The Subscriber is updated with product-specific configuration means when the DataSet in the Publisher is changed.

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