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Table 51 defines the namespace metadata for this document. The Object is used to provide version information for the namespace and an indication about static Nodes. Static Nodes are identical for all Attributes in all Servers, including the Value Attribute. See OPC 10000-5 for more details.

The information is provided as Object of type NamespaceMetadataType. This Object is a component of the Namespaces Object that is part of the Server Object. The NamespaceMetadataType ObjectType and its Properties are defined in OPC 10000-5.

The version information is also provided as part of the ModelTableEntry in the UANodeSet XML file. The UANodeSet XML schema is defined in OPC 10000-6.

Table 51 – NamespaceMetadata Object for this Document

Attribute Value  
BrowseName http://opcfoundation.org/UA/AMB/  
Property DataType Value
NamespaceUri String http://opcfoundation.org/UA/AMB/
NamespaceVersion String 1.00.0
NamespacePublicationDate DateTime 2022-01-13
IsNamespaceSubset Boolean False
StaticNodeIdTypes IdType[] 0
StaticNumericNodeIdRange NumericRange[]  
StaticStringNodeIdPattern String  

Note: The IsNamespaceSubset Property is set to False as the UaNodeSet XML file contains the complete Namespace. Servers only exposing a subset of the Namespace need to change the value to True.

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