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This chapter defines the corresponding Conformance Units for the OPC UA Information Model for Woodworking.

Table 36 – Conformance Units for Woodworking

Category Title Description
Server Woodworking WwMachineType Mandatory Nodes    All nodes declared as mandatory in the WwMachineType are available in the AddressSpace. The nodes declared as optional may be included in the AddressSpace.Identification must not be writeable.
Server Woodworking Machine Identification Writeable If the writeable properties of the” WwMachineType Additional Subcomponents” are provided they must be writeable. If they are written the new value must be provided by the server. The new value must still be provided by the server after the restart.
Server Woodworking Machine Monitoring All nodes declared in the IWwUnitFlagsType and in IWwUnitValuesType may be included in the AddressSpace for the machines.
Server Woodworking Machine Events The Events node implementing the ObjectType WwEventsDispatcherType exists in the Address Space.
Server Woodworking Custom Extensions Functionality The folder node ManufacturerSpecific must exist below the <Machine> node (See Figure 6 – Overview of the OPC UA Woodworking information model)
Server Woodworking SubUnits Monitoring If sub units exist the “SubUnits” node must be listed below the “State” node of a machine. For each unit an entry of the type “IWwBaseStateType” must exist. All nodes declared as mandatory in the IWwBaseStateType are available in the AddressSpace for each unit of the machine. The nodes declared as optional for this type may be included in the AddressSpace.
Server Woodworking Unit State In the machine or sub unit the CurrentState of IWwUnitOverviewType and the Flags of IWwUnitFlagsType must exist. The CurrentState must be the result of the Flags as described in 7.7 WwUnitStateEnumeration.
Server Woodworking Event Propagation    When Events are generated by a node, all nodes connected with inverse hierarchical References that have SubscribeToEvents set in the EventNotifier Attribute, shall also generate the Event. This propagates events over all inverse hierarchical References up to the instance of WwMachineType.Each instance of WwMachineType shall have SubscribeToEvents set in the EventNotifier Attribute and thus propagate all Events generated by nodes aggregated by this instance.
Server Woodworking Event Messages The Events node shall have SubscribeToEvents set in the EventNotifier Attribute.

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