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AllowedEngineeringUnits contains an array of engineering units that can be handled by the OPC UA server. A server that supports a method with the input argument EUInformation must also provide this array.

CurrentWeight defines the current value that is measured at the sensor at the current timestamp. This might be a highly fluctuating value.

MaterialClass defines the allowed material the scale may measure. It is only relevant for certain scales (e.g. totalizing hopper scale or continuous scale).

SubDevices: the modules (subdevices) of a modular scale are aggregated in the SubDevices Object . See OPC Unified Architecture for Device for more information.

ProcessStateId contains an relating identification for the occurring ProcessStateMessage.

ProcessStateMessage contains the message of the current overall state of the scale.

ProductionPreset contains the production presets. See section 8.7 for the complete definition of the ProductionPresetType.

RegisteredWeight defines the last valid measurement that was recorded and will be used for further processing.

ListOfWeighingRanges defines the weighing range and resolution the scale may operate in with a structure of range and resolution.

The components of the ScaleDeviceType have additional references which are defined in Table 19.

Table 19 – ScaleDeviceType Additional Subcomponents

Source Path References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition Others
SubDevices 0:HasComponent Object FeederModule   FeederModuleType OptionalPlaceholder
SubDevices 0:HasComponent Object PrinterModule   PrinterModuleType OptionalPlaceholder
SubDevices 0:HasComponent Object WeighingModule   WeighingModuleType OptionalPlaceholder

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