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A scale system can contain one ore more scales. The scales must be a subtype of the ScaleDeviceType but must not be of the same type. The ScaleDeviceType is described in section 8.4.

Policy defines the legal guidelines that apply for the scale or need to be complied by the scale.

ProcessStateId contains a relating identification for the occurring ProcessStateMessage.

ProcessStateMessage contains the message of the current overall state of the scale.

ProductionPreset contains the production presets. See section 8.7 for the complete definition of the ProductionPresetType.

ProductionOutput defines the overall statistic for the scale production.

The modules (subdevices) of a scale system are aggregated in the SubDevices Object (see section 7.3 and OPC 10000-100).

The components of the ScaleSystemType have additional references which are defined inTable 17.

Table 17 – ScaleSystemType Additional Subcomponents

Source Path References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition Others
SubDevices 0:HasComponent Object ScaleDevice   ScaleDeviceType OptionalPlaceholder

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