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The DataType defines the general structure of a RecipeReportElementType. The RecipeReportElementType is used to create a RecipeReport (see section 0 for a detailed description of a RecipeReport). It is formally defined in Table 144.

Table 144 – RecipeReportElementType Definition

Attribute Value    
BrowseName RecipeReportElementType    
IsAbstract False    
DisplayName Type IsArray Optional
Subtype of Structure defined in OPC 10000-5      
ReportMessage 0:LocalizedText False False
Timestamp UtcTime False False

The structure is defined in Table 145.

Table 145 – RecipeReportElementType Structure

Name Type Description
RecipeReportElementType structure Subtype of the AbstractWeightType defined in this Companion Specification
   ReportMessage 0:LocalizedText ReportMessage defines a message that is to be added to the report.
   Timestamp UtcTime Timestamp defines the time where the RecipeMessage was generated.

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