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The OPC Robotics specification describes an information model, which aims to cover all current and future robotic systems such as:

  • Industrial robots
  • Mobile robots
  • Several control units
  • Peripheral devices, which do not have their own OPC UA server Part 1 provides information for asset management and condition monitoring. In future parts, the information model will be extended to cover more use cases.

The following functionalities are covered:

  • Provision of asset configuration and runtime data of a running motion device system and its components e.g. manipulators, axes, motors, controllers and software Following functions are not included and might be covered in future parts:

  • A messaging mechanism covered by events and alarms to provide conditions
  • A state machine to inform about the status of task controls and to interact via methods
  • The possibility for the operator to store customer specific information inside the motion device system e.g. location, cost center, ERP data, …

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