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With the ActiveSetValues Variable the used set temperature for the temperature zones is selected (see 14 HRDTemperatureType).

The TypeDefinition for the Variable is MultiStateValueDiscreteType, so the Properties EnumValues and ValueAsText shall be filled with the supported values out of Table 8.

Table 8 – Values for ActiveSetValues

EnumValue ValueAsText Description
0 First Use of value stored as SetValue
1 Second Use of value stored as SecondSetValue
2 Standby Use of value stored as SetStandbyValue
3 Boost Use of value stored as BoostSetValue

The supported values are related on the provided set temperatures in the HRDTemperatureType. If e.g. value 3 “Boost” is available, all temperature zones shall provide the variable BoostSetValue. If only some zones have a boost, for the others, the value of BoostSetValue is the same as SetValue. A server can provide manufacturer specific values with EnumValues ≥ 100.

This is a central Variable for selection the active set value for all zones. The individual active status of each zone is given inside the ZoneType.Temperature.ActiveSetValue (see definition of HRDTemperatureType in clause 14).

If 3 “Boost” is selected all zones go to boost mode. When all zones have exceeded their BoostTime and changed their individual ActiveSetValue, this central Variable shall also be set back to the value which was active before by the device it-self.

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