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The jobs for a machine can be planned in an MES. This clause defines methods and events to request and send a list of planned jobs.

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This Method is used to send a list of jobs available on the client to the server. The server shall support to receive at least 10 jobs.


SendJobList (
[in]	JobListElementType[]	JobList);

Table 77 – SendJobList Method Arguments

Argument Description
JobList Array of JobInformationType describing the available jobs in the client.

Table 78 – SendJobList Method AddressSpace Definition

Attribute Value        
BrowseName SendJobList        
References Node Class BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition Modelling Rule
0:HasProperty Variable InputArguments Argument[] 0:PropertyType Mandatory

It is possible to call the Method without an InputArgument (length of the array JobList is zero) as an answer to the Event RequestJobList (see below), if no planned job is available.

The JobListElementType is defined in Table 79

Table 79 – JobListElementType Definition

Name Type Description
JobListElementType structure Subtype of 0:Structure as defined in OPC UA 10000-3
   JobName 0:String As defined in JobInformationType
   JobDescription 0:String  
   JobClassification 0:String Classification of the job
   CustomerName 0:String As defined in JobInformationType
   ProductionDatasetName 0:String  
   ProductionDatasetDescription 0:String  
   Material 0:String[]  
   ProductName 0:String[]  
   ProductDescription 0:String[]  
   JobPriority 0:String Priority of the job
   PlannedStart 0:DateTime Planned start of the job
   PlannedProductionTime 0:Duration Planned production time of the job
   LatestEnd 0:DateTime Latest end of the job

The variables JobClassification, JobPriority, PlannedStart, PlannedProductionTime and LatestEnd are additional information only for the operator to be shown on the machine control. This may help the operator to decide which jobs to download/activate. PlannedStart and LatestEnd shall be given in UTC time.

The JobClassification can e.g. be used to present a maintenance job with planned time. The possible values are user dependent and not standardized by this specification.

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