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The Method ReadByIndex reads the value of a POWERLINK Object addressed by Index and Sub-Index.


ReadByIndex (
[in]	UInt16		Index
[in]	Byte			SubIndex
[out]	BaseDataType	Data
[out]	UInt32		PowerlinkAbortCode

Argument Description
Index Index of the POWERLINK Object in the POWERLINK Object Dictionary
SubIndex Sub-Index of the POWERLINK Object in the POWERLINK Object Dictionary
Data Value of the POWERLINK Object
PowerlinkAbortCode SDO Abort Code as defined in EPSG DS 301
Some of the SDO Abort Codes defined in POWERLINK are mapped to an OPC UA ResultCode, see table for ‘Method Result Codes’

Method Result Codes

ResultCode SDO Abort Code Description
Good 0 The read access was successful
Bad_ResourceInvalid - The POWERLINK Device is not available, the output argument PowerlinkAbortCode will be set to 0x0504 0000 (timeout)
Bad_NotFound 0x0602 0000 Object does not exist in the POWERLINK Object Dictionary
  0x0609 0011 Sub-Index does not exist
Bad_Timeout 0x0504 0000 The operation timed out / SDO protocol timed out
Bad_NotReadable 0x0601 0001 Attempt to read a write-only POWERLINK Object
Bad_CommunicationError All other SDO Abort Codes  

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