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The VariableType PowerlinkArrayType is formally defined in Table 12 and represents POWERLINK Objects of the type ARRAY as defined in 5.2.

Table 12 – PowerlinkArrayType Definition

Attribute Value
BrowseName PowerlinkArrayType
IsAbstract False
ValueRank 1 (1 = OneDimension)
DataType BaseDataType

Subtype of BaseDataVariableType defined in OPC 10000-5.

References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition Modelling Rule Access
HasProperty Variable PowerlinkAttributes PowerlinkAttributes PropertyType Mandatory Read
HasProperty Variable Index UInt16 PropertyType Mandatory Read
HasProperty Variable NumberOfEntries Byte PropertyType Mandatory Read / Write
HasProperty Variable Range Range PropertyType Optional Read
HasProperty Variable DefaultValue BaseDataType PropertyType Optional Read

The Property PowerlinkAttributes provides the information of the XML-Attribute ‘accessType’ from the POWERLINK XML Device Description.

The Property Index provides the Index of the object in the POWERLINK Object Dictionary.

The Property NumberOfEntries provides the value of Sub-Index 0 of the POWERLINK Object. For most POWERLINK Objects this value is read-only. For a few, like ERR_History_ADOM or PDO_RxMappParam_XXh_AU64, this Property is also writable.

The optional Property Range provides the Value Range of the array elements.

The optional Property DefaultValue provides the default value of the array elements. The DataType of this Property shall be identical to the DataType of the DataVariable itself.

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