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PROFIenergy defines a basic state model. The state model determines the possible modes of a device regarding energy consumption. The state model also determines the possible changes in energy consumption as state transitions. Figure 14 shows the PROFIenergy state model.

readme_files/image019.jpg Each PE mode is identified by the PE Mode_ID. Table 71 gives a brief description of the modes defined by the basic state model and their PE Mode_ID. Note the mode PE_power_off is not part of the basic state model. For an in-depth description of the state model, especially the constraints and possible state transitions, refer to [PE CAP].

The state transition modes do not have a distinctive PE Mode_ID, but are identified by differing source Mode_ID and the destination Mode_ID. When in a non-transition state, the source Mode_ID and the destination Mode_ID are identical.

PE Mode Source PE Mode_ID Destination PE Mode_ID Description
PE_power_off 0x00 The device is free from voltage and cannot communicate. When in a different mode, the mode properties can be queried.  
PE_energy_saving_disabled 0xF0 The device is in productive operation and Standby Management is disabled. The device will not execute commands requesting the transition into an energy-saving mode.  
PE_ready_to_operate 0xFF Standby Management   is enabled and the device is able for a transition into an Energy Saving Mode.  
Moving to PE energy-saving-mode 0x1-0x1F, 0xFF 0x01-0x1F The device is in transition to one of the supported energy-saving modes.
Moving to PE_ready_to_operate 0x01-0x1F, 0xFF, 0xFE 0xFF The device is in transition from an energy-saving mode to PE_ready_to_operate.
PE energy-saving-mode 0x01 – 0x1F The device is in some standby operation mode saving energy. The supported modes are determined by the manufacturer.  
Moving to PE_sleep_mode_WOL 0xFF 0xFE The device is in transition to the PE_sleep_mode_WOL.
PE_sleep_mode_WOL 0xFE The device is in Wake-on-LAN sleep mode and cannot communicate.  

Table 71 – PE Mode Descriptions

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