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Table 62 lists all Profiles defined in this document and defines their URIs.

Table 62 – Profile URIs for PE Energy Management

Profile URI
PNEM Energy Management Server Profile http://opcfoundation.org/UA-Profile/PNEM/Server/EnergyManagement
PNEM PROFINET Energy Management Server Profile http://opcfoundation.org/UA-Profile/PNEM/Server/PROFINETEnergyManagement
PNEM Energy Management Control Server Profile http://opcfoundation.org/UA-Profile/PNEM/Server/EnergyManagementControl
PNEM PROFINET Energy Management Control Server Profile http://opcfoundation.org/UA-Profile/PNEM/Server/PROFINETEnergyManagementControl
PNEM Energy Controller Server Facet http://opcfoundation.org/UA-Profile/PNEM/Server/EnergyController

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