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The SignalType provides ObjectType to add analog and discrete signals and is formally defined in Table 15. In order to have a common approach, PA-DIM will always use Objects, even if no Method is needed for some types.

Table 15 - SignalType

Attribute Value
BrowseName SignalType
IsAbstract False

Subtype of BaseObjectType defined in OPC 10000-5

References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition Modelling Rule
0:HasProperty Variable SignalTag 0:String 0:PropertyType 0:Mandatory
0:HasSubtype ObjectType AnalogSignalType        
0:HasSubtype ObjectType ControlSignalType      
0:HasSubtype ObjectType TwoStateDiscreteSignalType      
0:HasSubtype ObjectType MultiStateDiscreteSignalType      
0:HasSubtype ObjectType DiscreteSignalType      

SignalTag is defined by IRDI as: ABB271#007 which states “defines alphanumeric character sequence uniquely identifying a measuring or control point.”

Table 16 - SignalType Additional References

Source Path Reference Type Is Forward Target Path
SignalTag 0:HasDictionaryEntry 0:True 3:0112/2///61987#ABB271#007

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