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This ObjectType defines the representation of a machine vision system. Figure 8 shows the hierarchical structure and details of the composition. It is formally defined in Table 10.

Instances of this ObjectType provide a general communication interface for a machine vision system. This interface makes it possible to interact with this system independent of the knowledge of the internal structure and the underlying processes of the machine vision system.

System behavior is modeled with a mandatory hierarchical finite state machine.

VisionSystemType contains four optional management objects, RecipeManagement, ConfigurationManagement, ResultManagement, and SafetyStateManagement. All of these provide access to the exposed functionality of the machine vision system.


Figure 8 – Overview VisionSystemType

Table 10 – Definition of VisionSystemType

Attribute Value        
BrowseName VisionSystemType        
IsAbstract False        
References Node Class BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition Modelling Rule
Subtype of the BaseObjectType defined in OPC 10000-5          
HasComponent Object ConfigurationManagement -- ConfigurationManagementType Optional
HasComponent Object RecipeManagement -- RecipeManagementType Optional
HasComponent Object ResultManagement -- ResultManagementType Optional
HasComponent Object SafetyStateManagement -- SafetyStateManagementType Optional
HasComponent Object VisionStateMachine -- VisionStateMachineType Mandatory
HasComponent Variable DiagnosticLevel UInt16 BaseDataVariableType Optional
HasComponent Variable SystemState SystemStateDescription DataType BaseDataVariableType Optional

ConfigurationManagement providesConfigurationManagement provides methods and properties required for Section 7.2.

RecipeManagement provides functionality to add, remove, prepare, and retrieve vision system recipes. RecipeManagementType is described in Section 7.5.

ResultManagement provides methods and properties necessary for managing the results. ResultManagementType is described in Section 7.10.

SafetyStateManagement provides functionality to inform the vision system about the change of an external safety state. SafetyStateManagementType is described in Section 7.13.

StateMachine provides information about the current state of the vision system and methods for controlling it. VisionStateMachineType is defined in Section 8.2.

DiagnosticLevel specifies the threshold for the severity of diagnostic messages to be generated by the server. More information can be found in Section 11.3.

SystemState represents the system state in terms of the SEMI E10 standard. More information can be found in Section11.6.

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