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VisionSafetyEventType is an EventType subtype of BaseEventType, defined in OPC 10000-5. This event is to be triggered by the server when a safety-related incident occurs in the vision system. The structure is defined in Figure 45. It is formally defined in Table 136.

Event properties

  • VisionSafetyTrigger: flag indicating the current internal safety state
  • VisionSafetyInformation: information about the internal safety state provided by the vision system


Figure 45 – Overview VisionSafetyEventType

Table 136 – VisionSafetyEventType Definition

Attribute Value
BrowseName VisionSafetyEventType
IsAbstract False

Subtype of the BaseEventType defined in OPC 10000-5

References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition ModellingRule
HasProperty Variable VisionSafetyTriggered Boolean PropertyType Mandatory
HasProperty Variable VisionSafetyInformation String PropertyType Mandatory

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