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VisionEvents are generated to signal noteworthy events during the operation of the vision system which do not require interaction.

All non-inherited properties are optional and stay optional on the concrete sub-types because these EventTypes will be used under very different operational circumstances in the vision system; it is therefore not possible to specify that, e.g. a jobId shall be mandatory, since an event may be triggered during the preparation of a recipe, when no job is running.

However, the intention is for the server to provide as much information to the client as possible, i.e. fill as many properties as possible.

The EventType for VisionEvents is formally defined in Table 129.


Figure 38 – Overview VisionEventType

Table 129 – VisionEventType Definition

Attribute Value
BrowseName VisionEventType
IsAbstract True

Subtype of the BaseEventType defined in OPC 10000-5

References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition ModellingRule
HasSubtype ObjectType VisionDiagnosticInfoEventType Defined in 11.4.2    
HasSubtype ObjectType VisionInformationEventType Defined in 11.4.3    
HasProperty Variable CausePath String PropertyType Optional
HasProperty Variable MeasId MeasIdDataType PropertyType Optional
HasProperty Variable PartId PartIdDataType PropertyType Optional
HasProperty Variable ExternalRecipeId RecipeIdExternalDataType PropertyType Optional
HasProperty Variable InternalRecipeId RecipeIdInternalDataType PropertyType Optional
HasProperty Variable ProductId ProductIdDataType PropertyType Optional
HasProperty Variable ExternalConfigurationId ConfigurationIdDataType PropertyType Optional
HasProperty Variable InternalConfigurationId ConfigurationIdDataType PropertyType Optional
HasProperty Variable JobId JobIdDataType PropertyType Optional
HasProperty Variable ResultId ResultIdDataType PropertyType Optional Usage of inherited properties ToC

The following properties are inherited from BaseEventType and shall be used in VisionEventType in the manner described here.


Reference to the source of the Message. This could be a failing method or, in case of an internally triggered message, the state machine object itself.


Name of the Message source.


Severity of the Information within the boundaries defined by Table 128.


A textual description of the error as a string. Usage of additional properties ToC

The following describes the usage of the properties added by VisionEventType with respect to BaseEventType.


Path information string based on the E10 scheme described in 11.6 or an application specific expanded derivation of that.

MeasId, PartId, ExternalRecipeId, InternalRecipeId, ProductId, ExternalConfigurationId, InternalConfigurationId, JobId, ResultId

If the information is somehow linked to one of the (vision system) objects referenced by these Ids, these properties can transport this reference.

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