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The job order methods’ return status codes are defined as a bit map in a UInt64 variable, allowing for multiple codes to be defined at the same time. The codes and bitmap positions are defined in Table 57. In the OPC format, the bit positions start at bit 0 for the least significant digit.

Table 57 – ISA-95 Methods Return Status Codes

Bit Position Description Notes
0 No Error If bit 0 set (UInt64 value = 1) then there are no errors. This is returned on all successful method calls.
1 Unknown Job Order ID The Job Order ID is unknown by the Information Receiver/Provider
2 Invalid Job Order Command The command cannot be executed by the Information Receiver.
3 Invalid Job Order Status The Job Order status is unknown.
4 Unable to accept Job Order The Job Order cannot be accepted
32 Invalid request The request is invalid due to an unspecified reason.
33-63 Reserved These values are reserved for use in specific implementations and should be defined in the implementation specification.

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