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ISA-95 OPC UA    
Model Type Model Type
Has property of ISA95Association HasISA95ClassProperty Reference
Has value for ISA95Association HasISA95Property Reference
May contain nested ISA95Association HasISA95(Class)Property Reference
N/A ISA95Association HasISA95Attribute Reference
Records the execution of ISA95Association N/A Reference
May be made up of ISA95Association MadeUpOf Reference
Defined by ISA95Association DefinedBy Reference
Is tested by an ISA95Association TestedBy Reference
Implemented By ISA95Association EquipmentOf Reference
N/A N/A AssociateTo Reference
N/A N/A ISA95EquipmentLevelEnum DataType
N/A N/A ISA95TestResultDataType DataType
N/A N/A ISA95AssetAssignmentDataType DataType
Hierarchy scope ISA95Attribute ISA95HierarchyScopeType DataVariable
N/A N/A ISA95TestResultType DataVariable
N/A N/A ISA95AssetAssignmentType DataVariable
N/A N/A ISA95ClassType Object
N/A N/A ISA95ObjectType Object
N/A N/A ISA95TestSpecificationType Object

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