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This structure contains elements that records the result from the execution of a test identified in a Test Specification. This data type shall be the default DataType for test results.

Table 40 – ISA95TestResultDataType Structure

Name Type Description
ISA95TestResultDataType Structure Information that describes the test record.
   Id NodeId Identification associated with the test result.
   TestResultDescription LocalizedText Additional information or description about the result.
            Date DateTime Date and time of the test. (may be different then Time stamp of the value – which would be when it was recorded)
   Result BaseDataType The result of qualification test.
            ResultUnitOfMeasure String The unit of measure of the associated test result.
            Expiration DateTime The date of the expiration of the test result.

Its representation in the AddressSpace is defined in a below table.

Table 41 – ISA95TestResultDataType Definition

Attributes Value
BrowseName ISA95TestResultDataType

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