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The test result is the result from an execution of a test specification. An ISA95Property may have a variable that provides the test result. These test results could be time series data that would be accessed by standard Attribute Services as defined in OPC UA Part4.

The test result is represented as DataVariable. The DataType of the VariableType is a structure that represents the various elements of the test result. (See Figure 21 for an example).


Figure 21 - Test Result Information

The test results listed in the figure are a minimum set of information that all test result shall include, but individual systems may provide their own structure that includes additional information. For example some systems may require the name of the person that conducted the test and the qualification that the person had. A new structure can be created that includes all of the original items along with a field for the person information and a field for the person’s qualifications. The new record can then be used for the test results.

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