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This is a structured DataType which represents a currency code. Its elements are defined in Table 11.

Table 11 - CurrencyCode DataType structure

Name Type Description
CurrencyCode Structure  
   namespaceUri String Identifies the organization (company, standards organization) that defines the currency code. Default is http://www.opcfoundation.org/UA/Currency/ISO4217:2008
   unitId Int32 Numeric id from the ISO4217 table. This element is optional. Default value shall be “-1” that indicates that this element isn’t applicable.
            charId Byte[3] The CharacterId from the ISO4217 table. This has a fixed length of 3 characters as defined by ISO4217:2008.The allowed values in the Byte are the ASCI codes representing each character. The range of ASCI characters that are allowed is defined in the ISO4217 table.
   displayName LocalizedText Symbol if one is defined otherwise the same as the charid.
   Description LocalizedText Contains the full name of the currency such as Australian Dollar or Yuan Renminbi

Its representation in the Address Space is defined in Table 12.

Table 12 - CurrencyCode Definition

Attributes Value
BrowseName CurrencyCode

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