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CCTS defines a finite set of primitive data types that shall be used for a Content Component. These data types are mapped to OPC UA CC (Content Component) DataTypes which are OPC UA Built-in DataTypes or DataTypes defined in the following clauses. Table 10 defines mapping between the primitive data types for the Content Component and the CC DataTypes.

Table 10 – Built-in data types

CCTS Primitive data type OPC UA CC DataType Description Definition
Binary ByteString   OPC 10000-3
Boolean Boolean   OPC 10000-3
Decimal Decimal   Clause 6.2.4
  DecimalString   Clause 6.2.5
Double Double   OPC 10000-3
Float Float   OPC 10000-3
Integer Integer SByte, Int16, Int32, Int64 OPC 10000-3
NormalizedString NormalizedString   Clause 6.2.7
String String   OPC 10000-3
  LocalizedText   OPC 10000-3
TimeDuration DurationString   Clause 6.2.6
TimePoint DateString   Clause 6.2.2
  TimeString   Clause 6.2.6
Token N/A   N/A
N/A CurrencyCode Used to represent code for currency Clause 6.2.2

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