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IODDs are defined in IODD Specification. When referencing this specification, we include the XML schema files defining IODDs and the standard definitions XML documents. By default, the IODD Specification Version 1.1 is referenced. If there are deviations between the Version 1.1 and Version 1.0.1, this is indicated in this specification.

When referencing parts of an IODD the following notation is used:

  • Refencing an XML element of another XML element: <parent element>/<child element>, for example DeviceIdentity/VendorUrl.
  • Referencing an XML attribute of an XML element <parent element>/@<attribute>, for example DeviceIdentity/@vendorId. There are places where instances of an XML type are referenced, for example instances of VariableT or MenuT. In that case we reference to IODD Variables or IODD Menus.

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