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The following tables specify the Profiles available for IO-Link Devices and Masters that implement the OPC UA for IO-Link Information Model companion specification.

This Profile supports the information for IO-Link Masters and IO-Link Devices. It does not include support for IO-Link Device Description file handling.

This Profile is intended to be used of OPC UA servers with limited resources. It is built upon the “Micro Embedded Device 2017 Server Profile” Profile, which supports subscriptions and at least two sessions.

The content of the Profile if defined in Table 79.

Table 79 – IO-Link Base Profile

Conformance Unit Description Optional/
Generic IO-Link Device, IO-Link Master Supports all mandatory ObjectTypes that are connected with the ObjectTypes IOLinkDeviceType and IOLinkMasterType (excluding subtypes defined in this specification). M
DiagnosticInfos Support Supports delivering DiagnosticInfos in the OPC UA response header. This is used to get additional information about the IO-Link errors. O
Micro Embedded Device 2017 Server Profile
Method Server Facet
BaseDevice_Server_Facet (defined in OPC 10000-100) M  

In addition, OPC UA Servers supporting this Facet may optionally also support the Facets defined in Table 80.

Table 80 – Optional Facets for IO-Link Base Profile

IO-Link Event Facet (see 15.3.1)
IO-Link Base Condition Facet (see 15.3.2)
IO-Link Standard Alarm Facet (see 15.3.3)

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