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The PackagingType provides information about the packing material used in glass technology and is formally defined in Table 50.

Table 50 – PackagingType Definition

Attribute Value        
BrowseName PackagingType        
IsAbstract false        
References Node Class BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition Other
Subtype of the BaseMaterialType defined in this Companion Specification, i.e. inheriting the InstanceDeclarations of that Node.          
0:HasComponent Variable PerimeterProtection LimitedString64 BaseDataVariableType Mandatory
0:HasComponent Variable CornerProtection LimitedString64 BaseDataVariableType Mandatory
0:HasComponent Variable Spacer LimitedString64 BaseDataVariableType Mandatory

PerimeterProtection describes the protection of the wet glue for better handling of assembly units.

CornerProtection specifies the materials which will be used to protect the corners so that will not get damaged during transportation.

Spacer describes which separation materials are used to separate multiple units within the package.

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