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The IsOnline ReferenceType is a concrete ReferenceType used to bind the offline representation of a Device to the online representation. The source and target Node of References of this type shall be an instance of the same subtype of a ComponentType. Each Device shall be the source of at most one Reference of type IsOnline.

The IsOnline ReferenceType is illustrated in Figure 31. Its representation in the AddressSpace is specified in Table 43.

readme_files/image033.png Figure 31 – Type hierarchy for IsOnline Reference

Table 43 – IsOnline ReferenceType

Attributes Value    
BrowseName IsOnline    
InverseName OnlineOf    
Symmetric False    
IsAbstract False    
References NodeClass BrowseName Comment
Subtype of Aggregates ReferenceType defined in OPC 10000-5.      

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