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ITagNameplateType includes Properties that are commonly used to describe a TopologyElement from a user point of view.

The TagNameplate Interface is illustrated in Figure 9 and formally defined in Table 16.

readme_files/image011.png Figure 9 – TagNameplate Interface

Table 16 – ITagNameplateType definition

Attribute Value
BrowseName ITagNameplateType
IsAbstract True

Subtype of the BaseInterfaceType defined in OPC 10001-7

References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition ModellingRule
HasProperty Variable AssetId String PropertyType Optional
HasProperty Variable ComponentName LocalizedText PropertyType Optional

AssetId is a user writable alphanumeric character sequence uniquely identifying a component. The ID is provided by the integrator or user of the device. It contains typically an identifier in a branch, use case or user specific naming scheme. This could be for example a reference to an electric scheme.

ComponentName is a user writable name provided by the integrator or user of the component.

Table 17 specifies the mapping of these Properties to the International Registration Data Identifiers (IRDI) defined in ISO/ICE 11179-6. They should be used if a Server wants to expose a dictionary reference as defined in OPC 10001-5.

Table 17 – TagNameplate Mapping to IRDIs

Property IRDI
AssetId 0112/2///61987#ABA038 - identification code of device
ComponentName 0112/2///61987#ABA251 - designation of device

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