The OPC Unified architecture multipart standard describes a number of Servicesand a variety of information models. These Servicesand information models can be referred to as features of a Serveror Client. Serversand Clientsneed to be able to describe which features they support and wish to have certified. This document provides a grouping of these features. The individual features are grouped into ConformanceUnitswhich are further grouped into Profiles. Figure 1provides an overview of the interactions between Profiles, ConformanceUnitsand TestCases. The large arrows indicate the components that are used to construct the parent. For example a Profileis constructed from Profilesand ConformanceUnits. The figure also illustrates a feature of the OPC UA Compliance Test Tool (CTT), in that it will test if a requested Profilepasses all ConformanceUnits. It will also test all other ConformanceUnitsand report any other Profilesthat pass conformance testing. The individual TestCases are defined in separate documents see Compliance Part 8 UA Serverand Compliance Part 9 UA Client. The TestCasesare related back to the appropriate ConformanceUnitsdefined in this standard. This relationship is also displayed by the OPC UA Compliance Test Tool.


Figure 1– Profile – ConformanceUnit – TestCases