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The components of this parameter are defined in Table 136. ExpandedNodeId allows the namespace to be specified explicitly as a string or with an index in the Server’s namespace table.

Table 136 – ExpandedNodeId

Name Type Description
ExpandedNodeId structure The NodeId with the namespace expanded to its string representation.
   serverIndex Index Index that identifies the Server that contains the TargetNode. This Server may be the local Server or a remote Server.
This index is the index of that Server in the local Server’s Server table. The index of the local Server in the Server table is always 0. All remote Servers have indexes greater than 0. The Server table is contained in the Server Object in the AddressSpace (see OPC 10000-3 and OPC 10000-5).
The Client may read the Server table Variable to access the description of the target Server.
   namespaceUri String The URI of the namespace.
If this parameter is specified then the namespace index is ignored.
5.4 and OPC 10000-12 describes discovery mechanism that can be used to resolve URIs into URLs.
   namespaceIndex Index The index in the Server’s namespace table.
This parameter shall be 0 and is ignored in the Server if the namespace URI is specified.
   identifierType IdType Type of the identifier element of the NodeId.
   identifier * The identifier for a Node in the AddressSpace of an OPC UA Server (see NodeId definition in OPC 10000-3).

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