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This Structure DataType defines the base layout of an OPC UA Binary encoded file. The contend of the file is the UABinaryFileDataType encoded as ExtensionObject.

The file specific meta data is provided by the DataTypeSchemaHeader which is the base type for the UABinaryFileDataType Structure.

If the file is provided through a FileType Object, the MimeType Property of the Object shall have the value application/opcua+uabinary.

If the file is stored on disc, the file extension shall be uabinary.

The UABinaryFileDataType is formally defined in Table A.10.

Table A.10 – UABinaryFileDataType Structure

Name Type Description
UABinaryFileDataType Structure  
   schemaLocation String Reference to a file that contains the DataTypeSchemaHeader for the content of the file represented by an instance of this structure.
The schemaLocation is either a fully qualified URL or a URN which is a relative path to the file location.
If the schemaLocation is provided, the DataType descriptions can be skipped but the namespaces used shall match the namespaces in the schema file.
   fileHeader KeyValuePair[] The file specific header.
   body BaseDataType The body of the file.
The DataTypes used in the body are described through the structureDataTypes, enumDataTypes and simpleDataTypes fields of the DataTypeSchemaHeader Structure which is the base type for the UABinaryFileDataType.
DataTypes   defined by OPC UA can be omitted.

Its representation in the UABinaryFileDataType is defined in Table A.11.

Table A.11 – UABinaryFileDataType Definition

Attributes Value
BrowseName UABinaryFileDataType
IsAbstract False
Subtype of DataTypeSchemaHeader defined in A.1.1.  

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