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This Structure DataType is used to represent the PubSub configuration of an OPC UA Application. The PubSubConfigurationDataType is formally defined in Table 49.

Table 49 – PubSubConfigurationDataType Structure

Name Type Description
PubSubConfigurationDataType Structure  
 publishedDataSets PublishedDataSetDataType[] The PublishedDataSets contained in the configuration. The PublishedDataSet is defined in 6.2.2.
 connections PubSubConnectionDataType[] The PubSubConnections contained in the configuration. The PubSubConnection is defined in 6.2.6.The connection includes WriterGroups and ReaderGroups.
 enabled Boolean The enabled state of the PubSub configuration.

If the PubSub configuration is stored in a file, the UABinaryFileDataType and the related definitions in A.2 shall be used to encode the file content. The values of the UABinaryFileDataType structure are described in Table 50.

Table 50 – PubSubConfiguration File Content

Field Type Value
namespaces String[] nullThe DataTypes used for configuration are defined in the OPC UA namespace.
structureDataTypes StructureDescription[] nullDataTypes used for configuration are defined by OPC UA.
enumDataTypes EnumDescription[] nullDataTypes used for configuration are defined by OPC UA.
simpleDataTypes SimpleTypeDescription[] nullDataTypes used for configuration are defined by OPC UA.
schemaLocation String null
fileHeader KeyValuePair[] null
body BaseDataType PubSubConfigurationDataType StructureThe PubSub configuration represented by the PubSubConfigurationDataType.

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