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This specification defines the OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) PubSub communication model. It defines an OPC UA publish subscribe pattern which complements the client*server pattern defined by the *Services in Part 4. See Part 1 for an overview of the two models and their distinct uses.

PubSub allows distributing data and events from an OPC UA information source to interested observers inside a device network as well as in IT and analytics cloud systems.

The specification consists of

  • a general introduction of the PubSub concepts,
  • a definition of the PubSub configuration parameters,
  • mapping of PubSub concepts and configuration parameters to messages and transport protocols,
  • and a PubSub configuration model. Not all OPC UA Applications will need to implement all defined message and transport protocol mappings. Part 7 defines the Profile that dictate which mappings need to be implemented in order to be compliant with a particular Profile.