Part 1 – Overview and Concepts

Part 1 (this part) presents the concepts and overview of OPC UA.

Part 2 – Security Model

Part 2describes the model for securing interactions between OPC UA Applications.

Part 3 – Address Space Model

Part 3describes the contents and structure of the Server’s AddressSpace.

Part 4 – Services

Part 4specifies the Servicesprovided by Servers.

Part 5 – Information Model

Part 5specifies the types and their relationships defined for Servers.

Part 6 – Mappings

Part 6specifies the mappings to transport protocols and data encodings supported by OPC UA.

Part 7 – Profiles

Part 7specifies the Profilesthat are available for OPC UA Applications.These Profilesprovide groupings of functionality that can be used for conformance level certification. OPC UA Applications will be tested against the Profiles.