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The HasAddIn ReferenceType is a concrete ReferenceType and can be used directly. It is a subtype of the HasComponent ReferenceType.

The semantic of this ReferenceType is to bind an AddIn to another Node that is the source of this Reference. The AddIn concept is described in 4.9.3.

The SourceNode of this ReferenceType shall be an Object or ObjectType. The TargetNode shall be an Object.

OPC 10000-5, OPC Unified Architecture - Part 5: Information Model

Add the following to Table 8 in Clause 6.2 (BaseObjectType):

An additional subtype entry for BaseInterfaceType is required:

|HasSubtype|ObjectType|BaseInterfaceType|Defined in 6.9| |—|—|—|—|

Add the following as Clause 6.9:

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