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A UADP DataSetMessage header shall consist of the following fields according to this header layout:

  • DataSetMessageSequenceNumber
  • Status Additional restrictions:

  • Fields within the payload use RawData Field Encoding
  • Only Data Key Frame DataSetMessages are supported The DataSetMessage header layout is shown in Figure C.4.


Figure C.4 : UADP DataSetMessage header layout

Table C.5 shows the configuration for the DataSetMessage header.

Table C.5 : UADP DataSetMessage header layout

Name Type Restrictions
DataSetFlags1 Byte Bit 0: Indicates whether this DataSetMessage is valid
Bit range 1-2: Field Encoding
   01 RawData Field Encoding
Bit 3: DataSetMessageSequenceNumber enabled
Bit 4: Status enabled
Bit 5: ConfigurationVersionMajorVersion disabled
Bit 6: ConfigurationVersionMinorVersion disabled
Bit 7: DataSetFlags2 disabled
DataSetMessageSequenceNumber UInt16 Defined by Table 82
StatusCode UInt16 Defined by Table 82

Table C.6 defines the values for the configuration parameters representing this layout.

Table C.6 : Values for configuration parameters

Parameter Value
KeyFrameCount 1
UadpDataSetMessageContentMask 0x00000024

This value results of the following options:
Bit 2: StatusCode enabled
Bit 5: SequenceNumber enabled
DataSetFieldContentMask 0x00000020

This value results of the following options:
Bit 5: RawData
DataSetOrdering AscendingWriterId_1   or AscendingWriterIdSingle_2

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