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The CAEXFileType defines all general characteristics of a CAEX file and includes all CAEX libraries and instance hierarchies. The CAEXFileType inherits all properties of the CAEXBasicObjectType. ObjectType Definition ToC Model

The CAEXFileType is formally defined in Table 12 .

Table 12 - CAEXFileType Definition

Attribute Value
BrowseName CAEXFileType
IsAbstract False

Inherit the components of the CAEXBasicObjectType

References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition ModellingRule
HasComponent Object InstanceHierarchies   FolderType Mandatory
HasComponent Object InterfaceClassLibs   FolderType Mandatory
HasComponent Object RoleClassLibs   FolderType Mandatory
HasComponent Object SystemUnitClassLibs   FolderType Mandatory ObjectType Description ToC InstanceHierarchies ToC

The InstanceHierarchies folder includes all CAEX InstanceHierarchies of a CAEX file. InterfaceClassLibs ToC

The InterfaceClassLibs folder includes all CAEX InterfaceClassLibs of a CAEX file. RoleClassLibs ToC

The RoleClassLibs folder includes all CAEX RoleClassLibs of a CAEX file. SystemUnitClassLibs ToC

The SystemUnitClassLibs folder includes all CAEX SystemUnitClassLibs of a CAEX file.

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