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This Profile includes the following standard Profiles, which are defined in [OPC 10000-7]. Those standard Profiles are mandatory components of Analyser Client Profile:

  1. Core Client Profile
  2. UA-TCP UA-SC Binary Facet
  3. BaseDevice_Client Facet
  4. DeviceIdentification_Client Facet

Table 92 describes additional Conformance Units applicable to the Analyser Client Profile. These Conformance Units are in addition to the ones defined for standard Profiles listed above and defined in [OPC 10000-7].

Table 92 - Analyser Client Profile Conformance Units

Name Description Optional/
ADI Complex Data Analyser Client can interpret complex Parameter types and data types correctly. O
ADI State Machine Display Analyser Client can correctly visualize the ADI state machines. O
ADI State Machine Control Analyser Client can control the Analyser Server through its state machine. O
ADI Configuration Analyser Client can retrieve complete configuration from Analyser Server. Analyser Client can send and activate complete configuration to the Analyser Server O

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