The OPC UA Online Reference is a searchable collection of specifications and information models.

Information models are made available by publishing a index of types defined in the model as human readble tables. When possible the definition of a Type is linked to the appropriate section in the specification. These tables are generated automatically from the published NodeSet.

A subset of specifications are also made available. These pages are automatically generated from Microsoft Word documents. The documents are generated from the latest released version with errata applied. Note that the online reference is a work in progress and not all published errata will be in the online documents.

Every effort has been made to ensure the online versions of the specifications match the documents available on the OPC Foundation website. If any differences exist between the documents and published errata and the online version then the documents and published errata should be assumed to be the correct version.

Published Information Models

OPC UA Specifications

Model Specification
Core OPC 10000-1 - Part 1: Overview and Concepts
Core OPC 10000-2 - Part 2: Security Model
Core OPC 10000-3 - Part 3: Address Space Model
Core OPC 10000-4 - Part 4: Services
Core OPC 10000-5 - Part 5: Information Model
Core OPC 10000-6 - Part 6: Mappings
Core OPC 10000-7 - Part 7: Profiles
Core OPC 10000-8 - Part 8: Data Access
Core OPC 10000-9 - Part 9: Alarms and Conditions
Core OPC 10000-10 - Part 10: Programs
Core OPC 10000-11 - Part 11: Historical Access
GDS OPC 10000-12 - Part 12: Discovery and Global Services
Core OPC 10000-13 - Part 13: Aggregates
Core OPC 10000-14 - Part 14: PubSub
Core OPC 10001-1 - Amendment 1: AnalogItem Types
Core OPC 10001-2 - Amendment 2: ChoiceStates and Guards
Core OPC 10001-3 - Amendment 3: Method Metadata
Core OPC 10001-5 - Amendment 5: Dictionary Reference
Core OPC 10001-6 - Amendment 6: UADP Header Layouts
Core OPC 10001-7 - Amendment 7: Interfaces ad AddIns
Core OPC 10001-11 - Amendment 11: Spatial Types

Joint Companion Specifications

Model Specification
DI OPC 10000-100 - Part 100: Device Information Model
ADI OPC 10020 - UA for Analyzer Devices
ISA-95 OPC 10030 - UA for ISA-S95
PLCopen OPC 30000 - UA for Programmable Logic Controllers based on IEC 61131-3
AutoID OPC 30010 - UA for AutoId Devices
AutomationML OPC 30040 - UA for AutomationML
PackML OPC 30050 - UA for PackML (OMAC)
TMC OPC 30060 - UA for Tobacco machinery (TMC)
Sercos OPC 30100 - UA for SERCOS Devices
CSPPlusForMachine OPC 30130 - UA for Control & Communication System Profile (for Machine) CSP+ (CCLink)
CNC OPC 40502 - UA for Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) Systems)
Robotics OPC 40010-1 - UA for Robotics, Part 1: Vertical Integration
CommercialKitchenEquipment OPC 30200 - OPC UA for Commercial Kitchen Equipment
MachineVision OPC 40100-1 - UA Companion Specification Part 1 for Machine Vision
MDIS MDIS Companion Specification
MTConnect MTConnect Companion Specification
IEC61850-6 IEC61850-6 Companion Specification
IEC61850-7-3 IEC61850-7-3 Companion Specification
IEC61850-7-4 IEC61850-7-4 Companion Specification
FDI5 Field Device Integration (FDI) – Part 5
FDI7 Field Device Integration (FDI) – Part 7