NodeId ns=1;i=25
NodeClass DataType
BrowseName 1:PowerlinkAttribute
DisplayName PowerlinkAttribute
Description Represents the POWERLINK entry attributes
BaseType 0:OptionSet
IsAbstract False
Name Bit No Description
Const 0 Read access only, the value is not changing
Read 1 Read access
Write 2 Write access
Input 3 Represents process input data, object can be used in PDO mapping
Output 4 Represents process output data, object can be used in PDO mapping
Store 5 Can be stored to non-volatile memory
ValidOnReset 6 Only valid after reset
DefaultMapping 7 Variable is included in default mapping
RPDO 8 Variable may be mapped into receive PDO
TPDO 9 Variable may be mapped into transmit PDO
Reference NodeClass BrowseName TypeDefinition DataType Other
0:HasProperty Variable 0:OptionSetValues 0:PropertyType 0:LocalizedText[10] M