NodeId ns=1;i=1053
NodeClass ObjectType
BrowseName 1:MaintenanceType
DisplayName MaintenanceType
Description Provides information on the maintenance status of a machine, device or component
BaseType 0:BaseObjectType
IsAbstract False
Reference NodeClass BrowseName TypeDefinition DataType Other
0:HasProperty Variable 1:AdditionalInformation 0:PropertyType 0:String O
0:HasComponent Variable 1:Interval 0:AnalogItemType 0:Double O
0:HasComponent Variable 1:RemainingInterval 0:AnalogItemType 0:Double O
0:HasComponent Method 1:Reset M
0:HasProperty Variable 1:Status 0:PropertyType 1:MaintenanceStatusEnumeration M
0:HasComponent Variable 1:TotalOperation 0:AnalogItemType 0:Double O