NodeId ns=1;i=1002
NodeClass ObjectType
BrowseName 1:IWwEventMessageType
DisplayName IWwEventMessageType
Description The interface definition IWwEventMessageType describes the common extensions for all events and conditions. Each instance definition that includes this interface with a HasInterface reference defines the predefined extensions
BaseType 0:BaseInterfaceType
IsAbstract True
Reference NodeClass BrowseName TypeDefinition DataType Other
0:HasProperty Variable 1:Arguments 0:PropertyType 1:WwMessageArgumentDataType[] O
0:HasProperty Variable 1:EventCategory 0:PropertyType 1:WwEventCategoryEnumeration M
0:HasProperty Variable 1:Group 0:PropertyType 0:String O
0:HasProperty Variable 1:LocalizedMessages 0:PropertyType 0:LocalizedText[] O
0:HasProperty Variable 1:MessageId 0:PropertyType 0:String M
0:HasProperty Variable 1:MessageName 0:PropertyType 0:String O
0:HasProperty Variable 1:PathParts 0:PropertyType 0:String[] M