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WS DataPoints are clearly distinguished from vendor- or project-specific data points by their prefixes in the WS BrowseName. For example, all WS DataPoints have the prefix “WS_”. This differentiation option is to be supplemented in OPC UA by the introduction of namespaces. For this purpose, all BrowseNames of WS DataPoints will be located in the namespace http://weihenstephan-standards.com/WS/. An example for the BrowseName of a WS DataPoint is “5:WS_Tot_Packages”. Vendor-specific data points will get their own namespace following the pattern of the WS namespace.

At this point it should be noted that a WS datapoint is usually associated with three namespaces. Table 14 shows the dependency to the required namespaces for the WS datapoint WS_Tot_Packages.

Table 14 – Dependencies to the required namespaces using the example of the WS DataPoint WS_Tot_Packages

Node property Example NamespaceURI
NodeId ns=6;i=5003 http://tum.de/
BrowseName 5:WS_Tot_Packages http://weihenstephan-standards.com/WS/
HasTypeDefinition 1:WSAnalogUnitType http://opcfoundation.org/UA/Weihenstephan

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