The ATL_OpcAmlMetaModel library contains attributes that represent enumerations that come from the OPC UA metamodel and hence have no corresponding Node in the UA Namespace. The following enumeration-based attributes are provided:

  • AttributeId,
  • BuiltInType,
  • ModellingRuleType.

Additionally, the ATL_OpcAmlMetaModel library contains the following AttributeTypes used to compose the specialized mapping of NodeId described in A.3.7:

NamespaceUri – An AttributeType with a data type of xs:anyURI to hold a NamespaceUri of a NodeId.

ExplicitNodeId – The primitive form of an absolute NodeId with the attributes shown in Figure A.1.


Figure A.1 – ExplicitNodeId AttributeType definition

When an instance of ExplicitNodeId is used, only one of the four “Id” fields shall have a value, and the remaining three shall be deleted.

Alias – Represents an OPC UA Alias with the attributes shown in Figure A.2.


Figure A.2 – Alias AttributeType definition

The ReferenceTypeFilter attribute is optional, and when omitted, the ReferenceType “AliasFor” shall be assumed. See the FindAlias Method in OPC 10000-17.