A UAFX Station can support one or more gPTP domains. Each gPTP domain is represented by a PTP Instance which can have an associated ClockSource or ClockTarget. A PTP Instance with an associated ClockSource is a Grandmaster PTP Instance. A ClockSource and ClockTarget can serve as a provider of time for a UAFX Application (e.g., sequence of events).

Figure 17 and Figure 18 show examples of a UAFX Station consisting of a single End Station Component supporting one or two gPTP domains. Each gPTP domain has an associated PTP End Instance, which connects via a PTP Port to an Ethernet port.


Figure 17 – UAFX Station example with one PTP End Instance


Figure 18 – UAFX Station example with two PTP End Instances

Figure 19 shows an example of a UAFX Station consisting of a single End Station Component and Bridge Component, each supporting two gPTP domains. This example includes Bridge Component ClockTargets and End Station Component PTP End Instances and ClockTargets for both domains. ClockTargets and PTP End Instances may be omitted in an implementation depending on the expected usage of time.

NOTEHow PTP messages are internally dispatched between the PTP Relay Instance and the PTP End Instance is implementation-dependent.


Figure 19 – UAFX Station example with PTP End and PTP Relay Instances